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Theme 3 : Growing with Society

Environmental Activities in the Product Life Cycle (Upper and Lower Stage)

Environmental Activities in the Product Life Cycle (Upper and Lower Stage)

Environmental Activities in the Product Life Cycle (Upper and Lower Stage)

Support for Sales and Service Divisions in Developing Environmental Management Systems

Komatsu also stays committed to safety and the environment in the activities of its sales and rental companies. To raise awareness about environmental management, in FY2018 we developed environment management systems and supported improvements mainly at our site workplaces.

Acquisition of ISO14001 Certification

On April 1, 2018, Komatsu Construction Equipment Sales and Service Japan, Komatsu Rental, and Komatsu Forklift Japan were merged into Komatsu Customer Support Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “KCSJ”). In FY2018, as KCSJ, we planned and carried out activities to acquire ISO14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management systems, by adding a lift division to  our construction machinery sales division and rental division that had already acquired certification in FY2017.As planned, we acquired certification in May 2019 and all of our business divisions engage in a standardized effort for environmental improvement.

Activities Based on the Environmental Guidelines

Workers receive environmental guidance at one of our site

We distribute our "Environmental Guidelines" to all of our sites, and follow the guidelines in pushing forward with our environmental activities. The guidelines summarize the rules and standards that should be observed at the workplaces of our sales and rental companies in compliance with the law and also to avoid negatively impacting neighbors in terms of waste disposal, wastewater treatment, control of noise and vibration and other problems deeply related to the environment. Representatives of Komatsu and a relevant company jointly visit our sites, provide guidance to on-site workers and develop proposals for improvement so that the environmental guidelines can be consistently complied with.   

Proper Discharge of Waste

Our construction machinery sales division introduced a waste management system which centralizes the management of electronic manifests, consignment contracts, permits and others to reduce management man-hours. The same system has also been introduced to our rental and lift divisions so that the companies of KCSJ can properly centralize the management of waste.

Reduction of Environmental Impact in Our Regular Operations

- Supporting the sale of environmentally friendly products -

A demonstration held at an IOT center

We focus on promoting sales of eco-friendly machines developed by Komatsu  such as hybrid construction machines, machines equipped with Tier 4 Final that clears emission regulations, battery forklifts, and aim to reduce the environmental impact through the original operations (sales and service). In adition, mainly  rental division, KCSJ also locates IOT centers around the country for many users to visit and experience smart construction methods with the use of ICT construction machinery. In this way, we endeavor to enhance understanding about construction methods that minimize environmental impact and spread these methods.

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Environmental Impact of Suppliers

Support for Suppliers in Environmental Activities

Komatsu’s Green Procurement Principles

To offer eco-friendly products to customers, Komatsu advocates eco-friendly green procurement principles for raw materials, procured components and parts that are important elements of production. In procurement, we give priority to products, parts, raw materials, secondary materials, equipment, construction, etc., that carry fewer environmental burdens.
In green procurement, we have the following two principles.

  1. Preferentially procure goods and products with fewer burdens on the environment.
  2. Implement activities that raise awareness about the environment by building an environmental management system for our main suppliers.

Support for Suppliers in Constructing Environmental Management Systems

In order to bolster the strength of our supplier’s environmental management systems (EMS), we have tasked Komatsu Midori-kai (which accounts for approximately 70% of our procurement) with obtaining certification for supplier EMS.
In FY2018, 156 companies (that are targeted for the acquisition of environmental management systems) acquired certifications such as ISO 14001 or Eco Stage, and are now engaged in the implementation of environmental management activities.

Anti-Climate Change Project: Support for Suppliers in CO2Reduction

Supporting Midori-kai’s CO2 Reduction Activities

With the goal of facilitating suppliers’ efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, we are rolling out part of Komatsu’s energy saving activities (50% reduction in energy consumption through production reforms) to major outsource suppliers.
From June 2012, we have continued to expand our initiatives, which had focused on energy-saving model companies, to also encompass production reforms. We have also initiated education programs for managers and facility personnel. The activities have continued and we have endeavored to visualize potential improvements for each company and to disseminate them over our suppliers.

Support for Suppliers in Water Consumption Reduction Activities

Water risk survey in FY2018
Water risk survey in FY2018

To promote water consumption reduction activities amongst our suppliers, we have introduced our water use reduction initiatives to major outsource suppliers.
From FY2017, we have visited and inspected ten selected model companies and given, on the spot, advice on improvement tailored to the companies’ needs and circumstances. We still promote water consumption reduction activites today.

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