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Theme 3 : Growing with Society




Recognizing the potential impact of our business activities on our ecosystem, we have taken steps to maintaining our commitment to protect biodiversity in our areas of operation.

Initiatives that Deal with Biodiversity

With the establishment of Komatsu's "Declaration of Biodiversity" and "Biodiversity Guideline" in January 2011, Komatsu business units worldwide began activities designed to preserve biodiversity.
Komatsu promotes initiatives to preserve biodiversity on two levels.
First, the Company continues to promote ongoing efforts to reduce the environmental impact of Komatsu's business activities. Komatsu also considers biodiversity when deciding how land is to be used, such as when building factories.
Second, Komatsu is becoming directly involved in the preservation of biodiversity, and at the same time expanding our "one-site, one-theme activities" to raise employee's awareness of the need to preserve local ecosystems.

Declaration of Biodiversity by Komatsu

Komatsu recognizes that its business activities are dependent on and influence benefits from the ecosystem through its biodiversity.
Based on this understanding, Komatsu strives to take actions in accordance with the policies described below, as it shares a sense of responsibility regarding the biodiversity crisis, and strives to conserve diverse resources.

Ⅰ(Recognition by Management)

Komatsu recognizes that conservation and promulgation of biodiversity are important management tasks.


Komatsu shall promote biodiversity through the following two perspectives

  1. Komatsu shall reduce its environmental impact, which is affecting biodiversity, through its business activities.
    1. Reduction of environmental impact of products
    2. Reduction of direct environmental impact from products throughout lifecycle.
    3. Consideration of biodiversity when using land.
  2. Komatsu shall work for conservation and promulgation of biodiversity through its social contribution activities.


Komatsu shall promote activities by means of a step-by-step approach.

Ⅳ(Cooperation with the community)

In order to protect the biodiversity rooted in regions, Komatsu will undertake activities in coalition with administrative agency, local citizens, NGOs and other entities; by doing so we aim become a corporation communities can be proud of.

Ⅴ(Full participation activities)

Komatsu will promulgate the importance of biodiversity to all employees and undertake activities with their full participation. We will involve corporations related to the lifecycle of Komatsu products and representative agencies as well as customers in these activities and promote our initiatives on a global group-wide scale.


Communication: Komatsu will strive to educate and disclose related information to employees. In addition, Komatsu will actively disclose information on activities being undertaken and work to contribute in heightening the level of societal awareness on the importance of biodiversity.



Initiatives from Specific Business Facilities (one-site, one-theme activites)


Sagui do tufo branco (monkey)
Tucano do bico verde (toucan)

Komatsu from Brazil is located in the town of Suzano, in the state of São Paulo, an industrial area of 633,00.00m2 since 1975, currently counting with more than 95,000.00m2 of built-up area.
Throughout the years, along with the manufacturing area expansion, came the improvement of the environmental consciousness and the urge to promote actions in order to preserve the local Fauna and Flora, even though the company has been built in an industrial area, it owns a wide wooded area, sheltering a variety of animal species.
Brazil counts with six biomes: Amazon, Cerrado (savannas), Caatinga, Atlantic Forest, the Pampa and Pantanal. In 2013 it was made a technical survey to identify and characterize the Fauna and Flora where Komatsu is placed in, in order to increase the current area preservation level, in which it was found that Komatsu is inserted in the biome of Atlantic Forest, covered by vegetal formations integrated in the Vegetal Complex of the Atlantic Forest, we detected in this study that we have around 68 species of Fauna (mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles) and 82 species of Flora (vegetation and trees), between the species identified in Flora there are some endangered and rare species like Pau-Brasil (Paubrasilia echinata) an emblematic tree of our country.
By knowing better the living biodiversity, with proper care and preservation of the special endangered species being reinforced, maintaining the trees inside their natural development conditions, controlling the manufacturing area expansion so that the impacts and vegetal suppression are minimized, as such as accidents between wild animals living in the area.
For the future we intend to expand our green area through a forest enrichment, focusing in insert in the industrial area the endangered species and the other fruitful species, since they are technically compatible to our climate and geological conditions, benefiting the native fauna habitat, especially the local birds and other birds in migration period. The process to the forest expansion in the company’s area will count on a project of environmental education in which the employees will have contact to the planting of these trees, to conscious and stimulation of caring with the biodiversity inside out Komatsu, spreading these values to their families.
Besides the internal efforts of Komatsu to preserve and protect the local biodiversity, we will carry out the support to the city hall, through the donation of tree seedlings in adult stage of the fruitful trees, in order to work on reforestation of specific spots of the city, increasing the conditions to preservation of the native fauna, this project counts on a program of environmental education focused on children to young adults, in the moment of planting educators speak about the importance of local fauna and flora preservation.

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