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Social contribution activities

Accomplishments and approaches for social contribution activities

Accomplishments and Approaches for Social Contribution Activities

Accomplishments and approaches for social contribution activities

Komatsu defines CSR activities as the things we do to meet society’s needs through our core business, and it has identified its material issues through the discussion of initiatives that are able to provide value to both society and Komatsu, as below. We engage in CSR activities based on the ideas derived from these discussions.
The guiding principle is that a company should assume its responsibility to conduct CSR activities in the regions it operates within. We focus on the themes that enable us to leverage our expertise in our core business.


Komatsu's CSR Priorities (Material issues)

Basic approaches to social contribution (from “Komatsu’s worldwide code of business conduct”)

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a multi-faceted topic, of which specific elements pertaining to the different aspects of its implementation are subject to change according to country, region, or business practices. However, regardless of these variations, the underlying axioms that drive these initiatives remain the same: companies must co-exist in harmony with society, responding to expectations and building a relationship of mutual trust. As mentioned in other sections of this report, one of the principles that guides the Komatsu Group on a global scale is the understanding that Komatsu should fulfill its corporate social responsibilities through integration of CSR into our business operations. We further build on that belief by defining clear requirements for good corporate citizenship: a company should live up to societal expectations by promoting harmony and making real contributions for the benefit of the community in which it operates. Komatsu is proud to report that we live up to these high standards, and are proactively engaged in social contributory activities across multiple regions.

Governance regarding donations

Whenever we start a new project, we evaluate its ability to benefit both Komatsu’s business operations and its stakeholders. In our implementation of our CSR activities (including donations), we introduced a check sheet in FY2013 to be used by the Sustainability Promotion Division, functioning as an administrative office, to quantitatively evaluate the effects of the activities from both aspects, and involved officers review this evaluation to ensure the effective monitoring of our CSR activities.

5 Basic principles for social contribution (from "Komatsu's worldwide code of business conduct")


To clarify the responsibilities of Komatsu Group and its employees as members of the local community and guide their activities for social contribution accordingly.

Principles: Activities for social contribution should:

  • have continuity;
  • contribute to the advancement of public welfare;
  • be voluntary (not forced);
  • be reasonable to employees; and
  • not be designed to advertise our products or services.

Social contribution expenditures of the Komatsu group in FY 2021

We have divided and summarized the results of our social contributions into 6 general categories. These can be found in the infographic below:

Social Contribution Expenditures

Type of social contribution expenditure

(Millions of yen)

Cash contributions 758
Time contributions 353
In-kind giving 357
Management overheads 745
Total 2,213
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