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Social Contribution Activities

Komatsu's Initiatives for the Social Issues

Komatsu's Initiatives for the Social Issues

Komatsu's Initiatives for the Social Issues

There are various social issues in the world in each region.

As the Komatsu Group develops its business globally, we listen to the voices of people living in the various local communities in our areas of operation, and actively carry out support activities to improve the living standards. We consider conducting such social contribution activities as a responsibility of doing business around the world.

Social Support Activities in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Business partners - They are invaluable to Komatsu

For manufacturers, business partners (the suppliers of materials, parts, and components) are important partners that support product quality and reliability. Komatsu especially places great value on relationships with business partners and has grown together with them throughout our long history. We have been thinking together with them and supporting each other, not only in terms of the procurement of goods but also from the perspective of management and human resource development.
The Komatsu Midori-kai is comprised of 156 member companies that are the main suppliers in Japan. They supply approximately 80% of the items we procure in Japan. Representatives of Midori-kai member companies and top Komatsu management participate in general conferences and roundable discussions for managers, etc. to share policies and issues with each other. We also established regional Midori-kai for China and for US and Europe. When the member companies of the Joint Associations of Business Partners in Asia are added, the total number of overseas member companies has exceeded 140.
Human resource development is the most important issue for Komatsu Group and our business partners. We provide them with education on quality control and production technologies, and the number of Midori-kai member companies participating in our QC Convention, Technology Olympics, and other events is increasing steadily. In addition, they have been proactively participating in the two-year internal school, the Komatsu Technical Institute, which fosters mid-career leader candidates related to production engineering and manufacturing who will work globally, as well as next-generation leader development programs. Going forward, we will continue to increase the opportunities to learn together with the employees of our group companies.

Activities in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has directly damaged our lives and health, but has also significantly impacted the economy, finance, medical infrastructure, and other aspects of society.
Under the philosophy of supporting the areas that Komatsu excels in, we have provided construction equipment and temporary housing to disaster areas for free through non-profit social contribution activities. As countermeasures to address the pandemic, which can be called a disaster, we are also contributing to society, utilizing our strengths.

2020: Producing and Donating Medical Supplies in Collaboration with Business Partners

In Japan, as the number of people infected by COVID-19 increases, the shortages of medical devices became the critical issue. Though we do not have the equipment or skills to produce medical devices, Komatsu has some assets, like long-time collaborative relationships with our business partners and our production and sales networks. By utilizing these assets, we have procured and donated isolation gowns and face shields, which are personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical workers for which there is particularly urgent need.

To procure them, we asked a Midori-kai member company to begin PPE production. At Komatsu, the staff of our production technology also participated in the activity to improve the strength of the parts, productivity, and the comfort of the PPE during the prototyping phase of the face shield.
After medical experts inspected the protective ability and comfort of the prototypes, 10,100 gowns and 8,000 face shields were produced. We distributed them to medical institutions around the nation for free through the NPO, Peace Winds Japan, and the government, utilizing donations from our employees.

Teachers and students of Toyono-gakuen (Nagano) who made isolation gowns

Through the personals networks of our supplier, we also received support from a garment making vocational school in Nagano Prefecture. The teachers and students made 100 pieces of PPE from materials donated by a filter maker, one of Midori-kai member companies and donated them to the medical institutions in the region.

In addition to the isolation gowns and face shields, Komatsu and our employees are carrying out the following support activities:

Country/Region Activities
The Americas -Donations equivalent to 350,000 dollars in total
 - A 250,000-dollar joint donation with our employees to the food support organization, Feeding America
 - 100,000 dollars donated to local communities
Chilie Support for road disinfecting work using sprinkler vehicles (private-public cooperation)
India Donations equivalent to 10 million rupees (national or state welfare funds and skill education support for construction equipment operators)
Europe Donations equivalent to 100,000 euros from our group companies in Europe (for medical and food-related purposes, depending on local needs, and support for multiple organizations)
Japan Donation of 100,000 N95 medical masks from our stock to the Red Cross, the government, autonomous bodies, medical institutions, etc.

Komatsu and its business partner Cummins collaborate to globally organize the Technical Education for Communities (TEC) vocational training program. The program has also endured difficulties and economic hardships as it struggles to hold group classes during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In FY2020, we donated money to Chilean educational institutions for the purchase of virtual reality educational materials and Komatsu and Cummins also donated scholarship money to Peru.
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