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Social Contribution Activities

Developing People Needed by the Community

Developing People Needed by the Community

Developing People Needed by the Community

When we asked ourselves:"What sort of social contribution activities would meet the needs of regional communities and make the best use of Komatsu's strengths?" We arrived at the answer: "developing people." We are working in cooperation with several entities such as national and local governments as well as schools, to carry out human resource development programs that are tailored to each region's needs and enable participants to acquire skills that will open up various employment opportunities.

Various Areas and Forms of Support

Developing Human Resources Tailored to Regional Needs Worldwide

Using the skills and know-how cultivated through our core business, Komatsu supports the development of human resources that are needed not only within our company, but also in local communities.

Expectations for human resource development can vary greatly from community to community. At Komatsu, as we do business on a global scale, we make efforts to understand what each community needs and work on providing that support accordingly in various areas and in different forms.

The pyramid graph below shows the areas in which Komatsu is supporting human resource development. It also shows that the closer you get to the top of the pyramid, the more closely linked the program is with Komatsu businesses. The base of the pyramid shows our active support of activities such as science classes in elementary schools, mainly in different parts of Japan, USA and Europe. The next level up is to provide basic education, which consists of our support towards people who cannot or were not able to receive the level of education necessary to find employment, due to circumstances specific to their country or region. We currently run such programs in Chile and South Africa. At the next level, we support universities and vocational training schools in many regions by providing Komatsu's curriculum and equipment, as well as instructors. At the top of the pyramid, we are working with national and local governments and with our customers to develop human resources, particularly in regions where human resource development is a social challenge.

The actual content of the support includes dispatching instructors and trainers; providing educational materials, equipment and facilities; accepting apprentices; and various other means utilizing the full potential of our know-how.

Support for Developing Human Resources

Dispatching instructors

Providing educational materials and equipment

Providing facilities and supporting operations

Accepting apprentices

Collaboration with Cummins Inc.

We believe that collaborative CSR activities deliver more effective outcomes than those conducted alone, by sharing the people, know-how, and other resources of each company. In promoting social contribution activities in the past, Komatsu has collaborated with entities such as non-profit organizations that have their own unique know-how. In 2016, we agreed with our business partner, Cummins Inc. in the U.S., to collaborate in the field of local human resource development.

Komatsu and Cummins' Common Objective

Komatsu and Cummins Inc., a major engine manufacturer in the U.S., have built a strong relationship of trust over the years as partners in the engine business. Both companies have already expended much energy into supporting human resource development in local communities as part of social contribution activities, and have already collaborated in several areas. One of the main programs is Technical Education for Communities (TEC). Both companies have partnered through contract to utilize their pool of resources and best practices, to expand the support of human resource development globally.


Cummins Profile

Corporate name

Cummins Inc.




Columbus, Indiana, U.S.

Business segments

Engine, Power systems, Components, Distribution



Collaborative Development of the TEC Program - South Africa Case Study -

TEC is a program of activities to provide students who major in mechanical and/or electrical engineering with a curriculum of technical and practical vocational training that takes advantage of the knowledge of both Komatsu and Cummins.
We started a three-year curriculum at Sedibeng TVET College in Johannesburg, South Africa, accepting 31 students in May, 2018. In this curriculum, students learn how to maintain engines and operate construction/mining equipment through lectures and internships.

Through the TEC program, students acquire knowledge useful for practical operations, which increases job opportunities with favorable conditions and improves the sense of personal fulfillment. Also, in the long term, the increase in the number of skilled engineers will play an active part in local companies, including Komatsu Group companies. In turn, contribution to the entire local economy is expected.

The companies that have been playing a major role in promoting TEC in South Africa are Cummins Africa and Komatsu Africa Holdings (Pty) Ltd., a Komatsu Group company. In providing this curriculum, the company worked to dispatch dedicated instructors, provide educational materials such as cutaway models, and support the creation of the training curriculum. After the launch of the curriculum, the companies have been supporting the entire program continuously. Moving forward, Komatsu will deepen the collaboration with Cummins and promote the operation of TEC programs globally.

TEC entrance ceremony in South Africa

With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, TEC is also facing various issues such as the financial difficulties of students and the difficulty of group training. To address these issues, Komatsu is working on providing virtual reality teaching materials and scholarships.

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