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Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

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Disaster Relief

Many of Komatsu's products (especially construction equipment) are vital for recovery and reconstruction in the wake of a natural disaster.

In the event of an emergency, we promptly grasp the local situation and support disaster recovery in a substantial way, such as providing equipment needed by the disaster area. As part of these efforts, we have initiated support activities using drones as well as construction machines. The latest activities are as follows:

Reconstruction Support for Natural Disasters in Indonesia

In 2018, in response to the three large-scale natural disasters that hit various parts of Indonesia, the Komatsu Group companies in Indonesia provided support for reconstruction as follows:

  • For the victims of the Lombok Earthquake that occurred twice in July and August, in addition to providing emergency relief goods such as 50 sets of tents, tarps, blankets, and 50 sets of food and beverages, we leased three Komatsu hydraulic excavators free of charge to the National Rescue Team. These support activities were conducted in coordination with the military, police, Ministry of Public Works and Housing and local residents.
  • In response to the Sulawesi Earthquake that occurred in September (with tsunami and liquefaction), as a part of the emergency support for the victims, we supplied daily necessities to Sigi villages, the most isolated area, and supported the activities of the National Rescue Team. For this purpose, two Komatsu hydraulic excavators were lent free of charge. In addition, we constructed communal cooking grounds and three elementary schools(including facilities such as community library, staff rooms, restrooms, etc.).
  • In addition to daily necessities supplied to Pandeglang and Kalianda, the most affected areas as part of the emergency relief for the Sunda Strait Tsunami that occurred in December, Komatsu's hydraulic excavators were used to support the activities of the National Rescue Team. Two units were lent free of charge. These machines were used for activities such as evacuation, land preparation and evacuation camp preparation under the management of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.
Hydraulic excavator in the Lombok Earthquake-stricken area
Construction site of an elementary school in Sulawesi

Assistance for 2018 Japan Floods

As part of disaster restoration assistance through practical methods, Komatsu performs assistance activities not only with construction machinery but also with drones. To assist in the disaster response to the flood in western Japan that occurred in July 2018, Komatsu, in cooperation with OPTiM Corporation and Landlog Ltd., performed drone surveying without charge for municipalities aiming at a quick grasp of the damage situation.
Disaster areas have numerous hazardous zones that people cannot enter into due to landslides. Upon request from municipalities, the three companies delivered drones and their services to the disaster areas and quickly assessed damage by creating 3D landscape measurement data. This drone surveying was performed at dozens of disaster areas in Hiroshima, Okayama and other surrounding prefectures.
Because the method enabled safe and quick surveying without allocating human resources, it has been highly evaluated by the municipalities in terms of not only quick understanding of damage situation but also base data creation for disaster restoration.

Roles of the three companies

OPTiM Free dispatching of professional drone pilots who are registered in DRONE CONNECT, a drone pilot sharing service
Landlog Free use of their data platform
Komatsu Free use of EverydayDrone, a 3D current-status survey and measurement data creation service, and a smart construction app
EverydayDrone creates current-status survey measurement data in 3D
DFF Inc.