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Concept of CSR activities

Organization to Promote CSR

Organization to Promote CSR

Organization to Promote CSR

The CSR Department is an organization under the direct control of the President and has established the CSR Committee chaired by the President, and has the opportunity for top management to regularly discuss the direction of CSR strategy. In addition, the CSR Steering Committee, which consists mainly of related officers, conducts discussions on the policy of individual activities, and in particular, is responsible for governance functions in conducting social contribution activities.

Our CSR activities are integrated to our daily business activities, and we engage in them through dedicated divisions and committees organized in all our Group companies. With respect to our major overseas subsidiaries, we communicate with staff responsible for CSR activities on a daily basis and share information in an effort to bolster our organization and promote CSR activities worldwide.

Reinforcement of Our CSR Systems

Evaluation Tools for CSR Activities

We evaluate new initiatives to determine whether they are beneficial to both our business and our stakeholders. Of particular importance are social contribution activities (donations), which we have monitored diligently with regards to their effectiveness as CSR activities since FY2013. This is carried out using a donation check sheet that we created to assess quantitative effects via two perspectives (our business and our stakeholders), which is then evaluated by our CSR Steering Committee upon completion.

Global Information Sharing

Prior to FY 2015, information on CSR activities implemented in overseas subsidiaries were obtained through questionnaires that were collected periodically. We have since updated this system in order to increase its reach and effectiveness; the information is now updated daily on a bulletin board so that it can be disseminated on a global scale through the intranet.

In addition, overseas subsidiaries set up places for exchange of opinions through individual visits, e-mail, telephone, etc., for about 30 persons in charge who are responsible for the CSR activities of each company to share current status globally. In the future, by collecting various opinions from various areas of the world, we will create a system to comprehensively understand and share what is required on the front lines of the business sites.