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Theme 1 : Enhancing Quality of Life

Komatsu's CSR Themes

Komatsu's CSR Themes

With “CSR activities through core business” set as the basic policy of Komatsu, we have carried out activities in accordance with the following three CSR themes that have been identified from the social issues that are important for both Komatsu's business and our stakeholders: Enhancing Quality of Life, Developing People, and Growing with Society.
Please see here to learn more about the identification process for the three themes.


Theme 1:Enhancing Quality of Life —Providing Products Required by Society—

ESG Solutions
- Provide products, service and solutions contributing to sustainable development of infrastructure, natural resources and circular environmental protection (remanufacturing and forestry).
- Improve productivity, efficiency, safety and environmental impact (lower CO2 emissions and higher ratio of renewable energy use) through innovations, such as automation in the entire value chain.
- Make commitment to DANTOTSU Value which will realize better Earth and future by means of technology and reliability (creation and maximization of customer value).

Theme 2:Developing People

ESG Solutions
- Develop a diverse workforce with a high level of productivity and technical skills.
- Strengthen and develop diverse and global-scope talent to help achieve sustainable workplaces.
- Develop talent with cross-value chain capabilities.

Theme 3:Growing with Society

ESG Solutions
- Offer resolutions for social issues through collaboration with stakeholders.
- Act as a responsible corporate citizen ensuring corporate governance, compliance, and human rights.

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