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Theme 2 : Developing People

Developing People

Theme 2 : Developing People

Personnel Policy and Performance Appraisal System

We promote global personnel policy and fair performance appraisal system.

Diversity Initiatives

We conduct consistent activities, recognizing diversity as a significant corporate advantage.

Enhancing Work-Life Balance

Activities to enhance work-life balance of our employees.


The KOMATSU Way as a statement of values that employees should pass on to the generations to come, in order to enhance Quality and Reliability.

Employee Training Structure

We support career development through the focused implementation of required educations for the company and employees.

Strengthening Our "Gemba" Capability

We pass down technical skills to next generation, aiming to enhance technical capabilities of our manufacturing and service workplace.

Brand Management Initiatives

We seek to maximize its corporate value by increasing the total sum of trust given to us by our customers.

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