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Theme 3 : Growing with Society

Growing with Society

Theme 3 : Growing with Society

Communication with Stakeholders

Long-term relationships of trust by creating opportunities to accurately disclose information in an appropriate, timely and fair manner.


We ensure that the entire Komatsu Group fully understand and comply with business rules while promoting structural improvements.

Risk Management

Basic principles, structure, scheme and latest activities for risk management.

Corporate Governance

We strive to establish and maintain an internal control structure that complies with related laws and regulations.

CSR Initiatives in the Supply Chain: Support for CSR Initiatives of Business Partners

We actively support CSR initiatives of business partners including suppliers of materials, parts and components.

CSR Procurement Guidelines

CSR Procurement Guidelines for business partners.

Environmental Risk Management

We are observing regulations and managing and reducing chemical substances to prevent environmental pollution.

Environmental Activities in the Product Life Cycle (Upper and Lower Stage)

Promoting the reduction of environmental load through collaboration with other companies.


Recognizing the impact on ecosystems, we are working on preserving biodiversity.

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