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Theme 3 : Growing with Society

Safety and environmental initiatives at sales and service companies

Environmental Activities in the Product Life Cycle (Upper and Lower Stage)

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Safety and environmental initiatives at sales and service companies

Support for Sales and Service Divisions in Developing Environmental Management Systems

Komatsu also continues to be committed to safety and the environment in the sales activities of Komatsu Group construction machinery and forklift distributors. To raise awareness about environmental management, in FY2020 we supported the development of environment management systems and improvements of our worksites. We also took other steps to provide support, such as remote education which was introduced after the outbreak of COVID-19.

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1.8% increase

Acquisition of ISO14001 Certification

Komatsu Customer Support Co., Ltd. (“KCSJ”), was established in April 2018 to carry out activities to acquire ISO 14001 certification, an international standard, as part of their efforts to establish an integrated environmental management system. With the construction machinery, rental, and lift divisions of seven companies being consolidated, all companies, including Head Office, engaged in a standardized effort for environmental improvement and successively renewed their certification as planned.

Activities Based on the Environmental Guidelines

Water Quality Testing in Oily Water Separation Tank

We distribute our "Environmental Guidelines" to all of our sales sites, and follow the guidelines in pushing forward with our environmental activities. The guidelines summarize the rules and standards that should be observed at the workplaces of our sales and rental companies in compliance with the law and also to avoid negatively impacting neighbors in terms of waste disposal, wastewater treatment, control of noise and vibration and other problems deeply related to the environment. Representatives of Komatsu and a relevant company jointly visit our sites (including on-site checks partly performed on a remote basis), provide guidance to on-site workers and develop proposals for improvement so that the environmental guidelines can be consistently complied with.

Proper Discharge of Waste

The waste management system (which centralizes the management of electronic manifests, consignment contracts, permits and others) has been introduced in the rental and lift divisions of all KCSJ companies, which has enabled all divisions to properly manage the system without leakage by centralizing the operation of the system and visualizing the management of emissions of waste.

Reduction of Environmental Impact in Our Regular Operations

- Supporting the sale of environmentally friendly products -

A demonstration held at an IOT center

Along with the expansion of the lineups of eco-friendly machines developed by Komatsu, such as machines equipped with Tier 4 Final which satisfies emission regulations, ICT construction machines, and battery forklifts, we proactively focused on the promotion of sales and aim to reduce environmental impact through our operations (sales and service). Moreover, we have tentatively introduced electric power excavators (PC30E-5) since FY2020 and have been making proposals to environmentally conscious users.

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