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Theme 1 : Enhancing Quality of Life

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health is a core component in Komatsu's business operations. In line with this commitment, Komatsu thus enhances safety at the workplace for our employees and business partners.

Our Approach to Safety and Health at the Workplace

Komatsu communicates the message of “Safety First” to the Komatsu Group and addresses occupational safety and works on mental and physical health care to create a safe and comfortable work environment.

Message from the President Concerning Occupational Safety and Health

  1. The Komatsu Group shall, first of all, strive to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment, and maintain and promote employee health.
  2. The Komatsu Group shall promote proactive occupational safety and health activities in order for all employees to achieve the above conditions by working together as one team.
  3. Each and every person in a senior management position of the Komatsu Group shall acknowledge the above two matters as top priority tasks and shall take the initiative in demonstrating the execution of daily duties accordingly.

Considering our obligation to occupational Safety and Health, we have implemented the following guideline: All the Komatsu Group companies, including all top managers and employees, shall promote occupational Safety and Health activities so that everyone can work in a safe and comfortable work environment in accordance with the policies described below.

Occupational Safety and Health Policies

(Released as a part of the Komatsu's Worldwide Code of Business Conduct on April 1, 2011)

  1. Observe the laws and regulations concerning occupational safety and health as well as internal rules, key items common to the Komatsu Group about occupational safety and health, and particularly items agreed as a result of labor-management consultations in each workplace.
  2. Set up targets for activities based on occupational safety and health policies, review their progress, and endeavor to continuously improve and enhance occupational safety and health activities.
  3. Carry out occupational safety and health activities in management-and-labor partnership on a full participation basis and keep good communication with stakeholders with regard to occupational safety and health.
  4. Identify and evaluate the risk for occupational safety and health of a workplace and take appropriate actions accordingly.
  5. Actively promote employees' healthcare management and support the maintenance and promotion of employees' health.
  6. Actively promote education, training and qualification acquisition necessary for employees' occupational safety and health activities, and endeavor to develop human resources for safely carrying out their responsibilities in the workplace.
  7. Subject to appropriate protection of personal information, publicly offer the knowledge and information about occupational safety and health activities obtained through the business activities in order to secure safety and health in society.

In addition to our existing health management programs, the Komatsu Group is striving to create its corporate Health Culture after the launch of the Five-Year Health Development Plan in FY2014. The goal of the Health Culture is: to look after one's own health and the health of one's colleagues, and to consider and take action on what is necessary for leading a better life. The president announced the “Komatsu Health Declaration” in June 2014 to effectively promote this goal.

Overview of Safety and Health System

The Komatsu Group enforces strict compliance with Safety and Health management through the following system structure.


Meeting Committee Structure

Group Safety and Health Conference (Safety conferences at Group companies, presentations by small groups which implement “zero accidents” activities, etc.)

This conference convenes with the aim to increase awareness regarding Safety and Health for employees of the Komatsu Group and partner companies while raising the level of Safety and Health activities. The conference engages in activities that help all the participants to share the policy, priorities and best practices of Safety and Health activities, and incorporate these practices into the daily operations at other divisions. This is also the administration of presidential awards related to Safety and Health.

Group Safety and Health Committee (Safety and Health Committees at Group companies, Plants and Operation Sites)

This committee was formed to enhance cooperation between labor and management to examine, discuss and make a decision for measures aimed at preventing hazards and health risks. This committee formulates regulations concerning Safety and Health, examines, debates and decides on related policies for the fiscal year. This is also the occasion to manage the progress of these activities.

Global Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Affairs Meeting

Participants in this meeting discuss and share information on activities to be implemented globally, and find things in common with activities of various overseas subsidiaries to spread them out globally.

Group Health Representatives Meeting

  • Formulates and makes proposals for all company policies related with safety practices.
  • Promotes and implements practices based on company policies in locations of each business operation.

Health Promotion Meeting

  • Formulates company-wide Safety and Health management policies and handles the overall supervision of health management activities throughout various business locations.

Health Promotion Committee

This committee consists of business owners and employees (organized by Komatsu Union) as well as the Health Insurance Society. This occasion affirms a common recognition of "Health", and formulates measures and policies aimed to enhance the health care for employees and their families.

Safety and Health Activities

  1. Raising of management level by implementing the Labor Safety and Health Management System
  2. Elimination of disaster elements through risk assessment
  3. Stimulating voluntary improvement activities through the small group “Zero Accidents”
  4. Hazard simulation training at the “Safety Dojo”, or “Safety Training Hall”
  5. Enhancing the quintessential safety of equipment
  6. Building physical health (health supervision for preventing diseases related to lifestyle, a diabetes management program, support for smokers who would like to quit, etc.)
  7. Attaining mental health (diagnosing stress, implementing activities to improve the work environment, mental health training, establishing consultation services inside and outside of the company, support for returning to work)
  8. Improving and maintaining an appropriate work environment
  9. Prevention of second-hand smoke
  10. Global and Group-wide activity support for overseas subsidiaries and Japanese business partners

Main Themes of the Five-Year Health Development Plan

  1. Addressing lifestyle diseases and cancer: Prevent lifestyle-related diseases and reduce the number of patients, and reduce the severity of diseases
  2. Addressing tobacco-related diseases: Reduce smoking and prevent passive exposure to smoking
  3. Addressing mental health: Reduce the number of individuals with mental disorders, provide early response and support return to appropriate workplaces, and create a happy and vigorous workplace
  4. Addressing risks of impaired health: Eliminate and reduce the risks of impaired health associated with the work environment and operations
  5. Response for small domestic worksites: Support health development at small worksites (such as sales and service sites)
  6. Global response: Formulate and promote global measures for occupational safety and health management

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training for all domestic Komatsu Group employees

The infectious disease and first aid team of the five-year health development plan is engaging in activities to acquire knowledge and skills with regards to cardiopulmonary resuscitation methods and AED for all Komatsu Group employees in Japan. (As of the end of FY2018, domestic employee cardiopulmonary resuscitation training attendance rate: 99.7%)

The purpose of this activity is to make a stand from the perspective of respect for human life, to improve the knowledge and skills of our employees, and to take the initiative in dealing with emergency situations encountered inside and outside the company. We also aim to contribute widely to local residents by posting AED installations at each site and displaying "AED mounted car" on our service cars for the sales company.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training
AED mounted car

Supporting Supplier's Safety Activities

Komatsu is conducting the following safety activities for the “Komatsu Midori-kai”, which is an organization of Komatsu's businesses partners (suppliers) in Japan.

  1. Support for the introduction of Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association (JISHA)'s Workplace Safety Health Impact Project for small and medium-sized businesses (2015)
    For our 97 business partners—suppliers of outsourced items—Komatsu introduced JISHA's Workplace Safety Health Impact Project, paying for the inspection fees, and asking each company to improve their safety level in 2015.
  2. Conduct Safety Patrols
    Komatsu conducts paperwork inspections and patrols the workplace, checking especially the legal compliance status (such as notifications and inspections) and unsafe places in the workplace and the possibility of unsafe conduct. For findings, we request the submission of a report listing preventative measures, and follow up accordingly.
  3. Participation of business partners in the Komatsu Group Safety and Health Conference.
    The heads of business partners are invited to participate in the Komatsu Group Safety and Health Conference that is held every year in June.
  4. Focused guidance for companies that have repeated accidents
    For cooperating businesses that have repeated accidents, Komatsu requests a submission of a "Special Safety Activity Chart", and based on the situation of each company, guidance and support is provided by the district procurement department.
  5. Implementation of Mutual Safety Patrol
    Patrols are conducted between cooperating businesses from their similar business standpoint, and in cases where there are findings, we request a submission of a report listing preventative measures and follow up accordingly.

Awareness Raising on HIV/AIDS Issues at Komatsu South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

At Komatsu South Africa, we provided an opportunity for our employees to learn about HIV/AIDS as part of the Wellness Day events. The objective of this initiative is to increase general awareness of health, not only by learning basic knowledge on HIV/AIDS, but also by receiving medical check-ups and obtaining knowledge on healthy life styles.

Status in FY2018

Educational Training for Labor Safety and Health (in Japan)

Education regarding Mental Health

Contents FY2018 Practice

Based on the rules of the Industrial Safety and Health Act, educational training for mental health is conducted. Stress assessments were started in FY2006, and stress awareness training were started in FY2007 and is being held for the employees of all Group companies in Japan.

  • Stress assessment/awareness training implemented in 17 companies, with approximately 22,659 employees
  • “Support Letter for the Heart”, which is motivational material for management personnel, is distributed every other month to management personnel within the Group.

Education based on Job Levels

Contents FY2018 Practice

Safety and Health education and mental health education is provided to each level of the company including new employees

New Employees (1 time, 380 people)
3rd year of employment with the company (9 times, 270 people)
7th year of employment with the company (1 times, 23 people)
Mid-career recruitment (4 times, 116 people)
New Assistant Managers (10 times, 350 people)
Foremen/Senior Foremen (6 times,  124 people)
New Managers (6 times, 210 people)

Number of major work-related accidents (fatal)

FY2018: 3 incidents

Occupational Accidents Overseas

In January 2019, at a mine in Brazil, we had a severe accident in which one local employee passed away after being washed away by a massive mudslide due to the collapse of a tailings dam. Also, in March 2019, at a mine in New Mexico, the U.S. and at another mine in Mexico, we had fatal accidents in which other two local employees got injured and passed away while repairing our customers' equipment at each mining site.
The local companies have thoroughly analyzed the causes of these accidents and horizontally disseminated preventive measures.

We take these accidents very seriously, and will continue to actively engage in appropriate safety and health activities to ensure that such accidents will not occur again.


Incidence Rate of Occupational Accidents (Frequency Rate of Lost Worktime)

  1. The data for all industries (Japan) and construction and mining equipment manufacturing industry (Japan) are provided by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
  2. The scope of the Komatsu Group (Japan) includes Komatsu Ltd. and group companies in Japan.
  3. The scope of the Komatsu Group (global) includes "Komatsu Group (Japan)" and overseas production plants.

The Komatsu Group has been fostering activities for acquiring ISO 45001 Certification.
In Japan, Osaka Plant acquired certification for the first time in FY2019, and other divisions and Group companies are planning to acquire the certification in 2020. In addition, overseas companies plan to advance initiatives to acquire certification from FY2019.
The situation of OSHMS/OHSAS 18001 certification/renewal as of 2018 is shown below.

OSHMS Certification and Renewal

(◎ : Certified ○ : Renewed)

FY 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Awazu Plant  



  Preparing for the acquisition of ISO45001 certification
Osaka Plant  



Oyama Plant



Ibaraki Plant



Koriyama Plant    


Shonan Plant    



Kanazawa Plant  



Tochigi Plant  



Komatsu Castex  



Komatsu NTC Toyama area        

Komatsu Cabtec          




OHSAS 18001 Certified Offices

FY   2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Komatsu America Chattanooga Manufacturing Operation        


Komatsu America Peoria Manufacturing Operation              

Komatsu Germany (Mining Division)      


Komatsu Forest    




Komatsu Germany (Construction Division)    




Bangkok Komatsu              

PT Komatsu Indonesia          

PT Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia      


  • OHSMS: Occupational health and safety management systems
  • OHSAS 18001: Occupational health and safety assessment series
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