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Theme 2 : Developing People

Diversity Initiatives

Diversity Initiatives

Diversity Initiatives

Komatsu recognizes diversity as a significant corporate asset, and respects the basic human rights of every employee while striving to offer career development opportunities that enable each individual to fully demonstrate their abilities with a sense of fulfillment and pride. We also make efforts to incorporate the integration of both individuality and diversity into the sustainable growth of the entire company.

Komatsu's Approach to Diversity

  • Respect for personality diversity
    We shall respect diversity and treat and appraise each and every employee in a fair and impartial manner. We shall not discriminate against any employee on the basis of nationality, race, ethnicity, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, national ancestry, disability, marital status or other legally protected statuses. We shall vigorously promote equal opportunities for employment; (From "KOMATSU'S WORLDWIDE CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT")

Promoting Globalized Management

Approach and Goals

With the acquisition of JOY Global Inc. to the Komatsu Group as Komatsu Mining Corp. in 2017, a total of two thirds of our employees within the company are now non-Japanese. Komatsu is promoting the localization of management, and most of our major subsidiaries are already managed by local personnel. We think it necessary to establish a system in which effective and efficient discussions are possible globally. Komatsu is nurturing employees who are hired by our overseas subsidiaries and spend their entire career with Komatsu in order for them to become business leaders at those subsidiaries in the future.

Systems and Status in FY2018

Human Resource Development

Komatsu is currently providing the following two types of training, aiming to nurture both local employees in executive positions at our overseas subsidiaries and those in Japan to become candidates for top management.

  1. Global Management Seminar Komatsu has started providing Global Management Seminars mainly consisting of lectures and discussions on Komatsu’s management policy, the KOMATSU Way, and business strategies to local employees in executive positions at our overseas subsidiaries since 2006. In 2018, the Global Management Seminar was held in September, with a total of 12 local employees in executive positions from our overseas subsidiaries in 9 countries (the U.S., Brazil, Russia, China, UK, Germany, Namibia, Thailand and Australia). Through this training, the participants deepen their understanding of the KOMATSU Way and global management strategies, and they are expected to become top management who implement operations rooted in the KOMATSU Way.
  2. 2. Global Management Training
    Komatsu provides Global Management Training with the objectives of nurturing candidates for senior management positions who play an active role globally. This training is not only for Japanese top managers, but also for those in our overseas subsidiaries, and we send them to business schools overseas for short-term training. In 2018, a total of 10 individuals received training in business schools in the U.S., UK, France, and Switzerland.

Management System

In order to effectively promote global management, Komatsu runs various global meetings, including the Komatsu Global Executive Meeting convened for the top management of all Komatsu Group companies in Japan and overseas, management committees for each region and business area, and other global meetings for specific purposes, such as the Quality Meeting, Occupational Safety Meeting, Health Meeting, Legal Meeting and Human Resources Meeting.
Since the senior management of our main overseas subsidiaries were assigned to the Global Officer System established in 2016, they play a significant role not only as the senior management in each region, but also as executive officers in the Komatsu Group through involvement in these important meetings.


  FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Number of Executive Officers Total




National top managers out of total executive officers




Number of Global Officers Total




National top managers out of total executive officers




Promoting Women's Careers

Approach and Goals

Komatsu is promoting measures for female employees including stimulate employment and capacity building of female employees, and development of a favorable environment for continuous career development after their maternity leave. Speaking only of Komatsu on the non-consolidated basis, a female executive officer was assigned for the first time in April 2011 and a female director was appointed for the first time in June 2018. However, we are aware that the relatively small number of female managers, compared with male managers, is an issue that we particularly need to improve and we should actively promote female employees to more responsible positions of higher authority, including promotion to managers, and not just supporting work-life balancing events such as giving birth, childcare and nursing care with work. Komatsu has established the target of raising the rate of female managers to 10% by April 2021 on the non-consolidated basis, and each of the group companies in Japan and overseas set its own target on the rate of female employees and managers, taking a variety of measures to achieving this target.

System and Status in FY2018

Scene of DIDS training

In March 2019, we held a Diversity & Inclusion Development Seminar for female mangers of Komatsu and its overseas subsidiaries, in which 15 employees from 12 countries participated. In this seminar, those that participated deepened their understanding of the history of Komatsu, the KOMATSU Way and management strategies. We expect them to be the leaders of promotion of diversity initiatives in respective companies.
Also in Japan, as a measure to nurture female employees, we have held a career plan training in which participants think about their future and their work styles. The CDP (Career Development Program), in which female employees formulate their mid to long-term career plans discussing with their supervisors has also been implemented since 2015. Starting from 2016 onward, networking/training workshops for female employees have been held jointly with other companies in the same manufacturing industry.
We believe that measures to promote the active participation of female employees and those with time and physical constraints will lead to the development of a system and the creation of an environment in which every employee can work comfortably with their full potential, and thus we continue promoting these measures across the Komatsu Group.


  FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Number (ratio) of women employed




Number (ratio) of women in management positions




Number (ratio) of women in executive positions




Number (ratio) of women hired




  • Data for Komatsu Ltd. (non-consolidated). The numbers and rates are for newly hired university graduates. Data as of April 1.

Support for balancing childcare, nursing care and medical treatment with work

The day-care center at the KOMATSU Way Global Institute
The day-care center at the KOMATSU Way Global Institute

Flexible work styles are spreading, where employees who are involved in childcare or nursing care can telecommute or take advantage of a short-time work system. As part of its efforts to support the balancing of childcare and work, the KOMATSU Way Global Institute, in-house training center in Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture, provides a day-care center service and since 2016, we have been hosting a networking event on the 19th every month cooperating with labor unions as a place for communication among employees who are involved in childcare. In addition, at the headquarters, we invited employees’ children for a Work Site Tour which provided work-experience opportunities.
With respect to nursing care, we hold seminars conducted by experts, providing opportunities for employees to develop their mental attitudes toward nursing care and think about balancing it with work. Since 2018, we hold monthly consultations for each employee with an expert from outside the company, providing support in line with the situation of each employee, and we also publish a Nursing Care Column via our in-house portal site, taking measures to help employees to comprehend information related to nursing care and its support systems.
Moreover, from the standpoint of health and safety, a consultation service is set at each office in which employees can seek consultation on balancing medical treatment with work and developing a work environment where employees who need treatment can work with safety and security.

Employing Persons with Disabilities

Approach and Goals

Komatsu actively seeks to employ persons with disabilities across the Group. Our goal is to achieve the employment ratio of 2.5% on a consolidated basis by 2021 for the Group in Japan (the current statutory employment ratio is 2.2%). 
In March 2008, Komatsu established the Business Creation Center (BCC) within the Human Resources Department in Japan as a dedicated organizational entity for promoting the hiring of persons with disabilities. Persons with mental or developmental disabilities are employed by the BCC in eleven business units in Japan. Advisors are assigned to each business unit to provide training and advice on daily tasks. Each BCC staff member meets with an advisor every six months to discuss goals, instead of simply handling a delimited set of tasks. Linking salary to individual performance assessments, we encourage employees with disabilities to work on their goals toward achieving independence and self-reliance. Through these efforts Komatsu is not merely focused on achieving a targeted employment ratio. Rather, it is seeking to create a workplace that provides a sense of fulfillment for all individuals, where employees with disabilities work alongside other staff members.

Status in FY2019

As of April 2019, the employment ratio of persons with disabilities is 2.55% (non-consolidated basis). With regards to BCC, there are 125 people working at 11 business units. With the expansion of its organization, BCC has taken on matters that had previously been outsourced, as well as tasks that had been taking up time and effort internally, thereby contributing to efficiency and cost cutting for the company as a whole.


  FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Employment ratio of persons with disabilities




Number of BCC locations




Number of BCC staff members




  • Data for Komatsu Ltd. (non-consolidated). As of April 1st.

Promoting Hiring of Retired Employees

Approach and Goals

As the aging of Japanese society accelerates, Komatsu is committed to maintaining its efforts to hire more elderly workers.
Komatsu(non-consolidated) introduced a re-employment program in 2006 and revised this system from April 2013 so that as a general rule all those who desire to do so can work until the age of 65. We also established a Second Career Support Program for employees who desire to play an active part outside the group, and provide training opportunities, paid leave and monetary aid.


  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Number of retired employees




Number of retired employees who were rehired by Group companies




LGBT Compatibility

Concept and system

In "KOMATSU'S WORLDWIDE CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT" October 2017 revision, we stipulated the prohibition of unfair discrimination against sexual minorities (not only nationality, race, religion, age, sex, presence or absence of disability, but also sexual orientation and gender identity) as sexual harassment including discriminatory remarks subject to disciplinary action. In addition to implementing a number of initiatives, such as setting up an in-house counseling desk for LGBT individuals, the certification of same-sex partnership and expansion of scope of welfare benefits, we also worked to promote understanding of LGBT to all employees through a number of approaches like e-learning.

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