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Theme 2 : Developing People

Enhancing the KOMATSU Way


Enhancing the KOMATSU Way

Approach of The KOMATSU Way

The KOMATSU Way is a statement of values and standards that all workers at every level of the Komatsu Group are expected to meet and uphold. The KOMATSU Way is a written statement of our corporate strengths, beliefs that support those strengths, the basic attitude of mind and perspective, and a manner of action (style), which our predecessors created based on the founder’s spirit, throughout the history of our growth and development. We aim to spread this knowledge to all employees and maintain it into the future.

System and Status in FY2020

The KOMATSU Way finds its roots in the corporate strengths that Komatsu has cultivated over time, culminating in a system of integrity and strength that is disseminated to group companies on a global scale. This propagation is achieved through the KOMATSU Way Global Institute, which conducts various publication and human resource development activities.

Employee understanding of the KOMATSU Way is deepened via training sessions and the creation of opportunities for exposition and group debates. We foster interpersonal communication between employees at such sessions to minimize generational gaps, allowing for a more effective "trickle-down" spread of this knowledge. We have also considered the intrinsic differences of foreign cultures, and have worked to craft the KOMATSU Way in a manner that is both easy to understand and relevant for the international community at large. This allows us to promote the KOMATSU Way in domestic and foreign settings, allowing for uniformity across the group.

In FY2020, our overseas affiliates translated the third revision of the KOMATSU Way so that it would be possible for employees to read and understand it in their native languages. Now it is available in nine different languages.

In FY2020, KOMATSU Way and TQM (Total Quality Management) training had to be cancelled in many countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in the Asian region they were held online, where they would be less affected by time differences.
In the training program divided by job level in Japan, we provided an e-learning program and online training as a part of efforts to prevent infection.

We will stay committed to the development of human resources and will strive to systematically ensure the spread of the KOMATSU Way and TQM so that they take root globally.
We believe that through these activities, we will be able to foster employees who practice the KOMATSU Way and pass it on to the next generation, leading to the sustainable growth of the entire Komatsu Group.


Educational Training that pertains to KOMATSU Way

Name of Training Course Course participants Targets Training dates Number of participants/cases
Education for top management personnel of overseas subsidiaries
(Global Management Seminar)

Overseas subsidiaries' management level personnel or candidates

To train managers at our overseas subsidiaries who have comprehensive understanding of the KOMATSU Way



Education for mid-level managers of overseas subsidiaries
(KOMATSU Way Leadership Development Program)

Mid-level managers of overseas subsidiaries expected to be responsible for the core business/functions

To train up local leaders who understand and practice the KOMATSU Way



KOMATSU Way Expert Development Program

Mid-level managers of overseas subsidiaries with aptitude

To train up 'evangelists' responsible for spreading the KOMATSU Way in our overseas subsidiaries



TQM instructor training

Mid-level managers of overseas subsidiaries with aptitude

To promote understanding of QC at overseas subsidiaries




Training by Job Level

New employees, assistant managers, newly appointed managers, etc.

To promote the understanding and practice of the KOMATSU Way

Year round

1,343 people

All Komatsu QC Convention

Selected from the Komatsu Group in Japan and overseas

To present improvement activities as OJT and strengthen awareness of the KOMATSU Way practices

November 2020 (held online)

Approximately 9,000 access

The KOMATSU Way-History of Dissemination Activities

The KOMATSU Way-History of Dissemination Activities
komatsu csr, 教育企画部