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Theme 2 : Developing People

Employee Training Structure

Employee Training Structure

Employee Training Structure

Approach and Goals

Komatsu strives for the sustainable growth of both the company and employees through human resource development. We believe that each employee is responsible for the setting of high individual goals, and the subsequent fulfillment of these goals. Each employee should thus be self-reliant and highly motivated in seeking the knowledge and skills necessary for the fulfillment of personal objectives, while relying on company support through our educational programs. Komatsu supports the career development of each employee focusing on the education required to company management and employees.
While we promote the education of professionals in a wide variety of proficiencies, Komatsu is aware of the importance for the dissemination of knowledge and skills at every level within the company. Regular explanatory sessions and discussions are convened at Group companies to propagate the KOMATSU way, ensuring that it is incorporated as an integral component of our human resource development on a group-wide scale.

System and Status in FY2020

In 2020, due to the influence of covid-19, all training was conducted online.
In 2021, the training curriculum will be divided into lecture-based and group work-based ones, and the lecture-based ones will be distributed as videos to create a learning environment that suits the convenience of the students.

A Case of Employee Training: Manager Refreshment Training

Since 2017, Komatsu has been conducting a specific training program for manager-level personnel, activating a 360 degree feedback system which requires evaluations from each participant's supervisors, colleagues and other team members. Through the system, we aim to promote improvement of communication at the workplace, encouraging all the participants in the training to recognize the gaps in perceptions with others.
All manager-level personnel in Japan are eligible to attend the program. A total of 3,604 managers attended the training program so far with an attendance rate of over 98%.

The program contributes to preventing abuse of authority and sexual harassment at work from happening by having senior employees realize that they are apt to have an inter-generational perception gap with employees, especially the younger generations. Managers who attended the program commented like, “It was a good chance for me to realize how I am perceived by others,” “The program helped me to understand the gap in generational thinking,” and “The program provided a heads-up, and it helped us to address the issues that we face in the office.” We aim to achieve a 100% attendance rate for the program as soon as possible.

FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 Total
1,185 655 985 779 3,604
(Attendance rate:98%)

Please refer to the following websites for the contents of programs that were held in 2020


Employee Training

    FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Average hours per FTE Non-consolidated 58 53 55
Consolidated - - 45
Average spent per FTE Non-consolidated JPY245,000 JPY244,000 JPY195,000
Consolidated - - JPY72,000
  • Calculation of consolidated data started from the FY2020 survey.
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