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Theme 2 : Developing People

Strengthening Our Gemba Capability

Strengthening Our "Gemba" Capability

Strengthening Our "Gemba" Capability

Komatsu employees are our most valuable assets because they support sustainable corporate growth.
Developing every employees all over the world through a variety of our human resource development programs enhances Gemba capability (employee-driven continuous improvement capability).

Enhancing the Technical Capabilities of Our Manufacturing Operations

Systems and Status in FY2018

With major advancements in technologies and globalization within our production operations, the need for a high level of technical capability has become all the more relevant. As such, we have designated the third Saturday of every October as "Technical Day", holding technical competitions for employees from all areas of Komatsu. These include personnel from overseas subsidiaries and business associates, who come together to maintain and improve the overall technical capabilities of the Komatsu Group through mutual dedication to studying.

In FY2006, Komatsu established the Meister system that focuses on the passing down of technical know-how from production sites. Techniques and skills that we have judged to be worth passing on are divided into 9 fields that each comprise of 15 specific competencies, with a "First Meister" certified for each competency. Under Komatsu's Mother Plant System, production plants with product development capabilities are specified as "Mother Plants". These plants are responsible for the purveyance of product safety, quality, cost, and delivery of their "Child Plants" (plants that produce the same product). Meisters who have been certified in accordance to their high proficiency in specific technical areas are tasked with guiding and nurturing engineers at both domestic plants and overseas "Child Plants".

Komatsu also conducts vigorous improvement activities by holding all-Komatsu quality control competitions on the third Saturday of every November. Much like our technical competitions, employees from our overseas subsidiaries and business partners across our value chain are welcome to participate.


Status of Human Resource Development at the Manufacturing Gemba

  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
All-Komatsu Technology Olympics

Number of participants




From overseas

32(11 countries)

39(11 countries)

39(11 countries)

All-Komatsu QC Competition

Number of participants




From overseas

34(13 countries)

33(14 countries)

36(14 countries)

Status of Dispatching Technicians from Japan to Overseas Plants and Distributors

2018 Main Countries of Dispatch

India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, Korea, Taiwan, China, South Africa, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, Panama, Brazil, Mexico, United States, Canada

Service Personnel Human Resource Development

Framework Promoted by Department for Promotion of Distributor HR Development

Our service personnel, who support the operation of our products delivered to customers, take essential responsibility for the Komatsu values of “Quality and Reliability.” Komatsu thus has been focusing on the human resource development of employees in the company and of our distributor service personnel. Our human resource development framework for service personnel has programs for internal human resource development and programs for distributor human resource development.

As means for internal training and human resource development, we established the “Techno Service School” for training our Japanese staff, and the “ the Komatsu Human Resource Development Center in the Philippines” for training our Filipino staff, to conduct planned training by applying a job rotation system within the company including our overseas offices.

As for the human resource development of distributors' service personnel around the world, Komatsu plans and supports each program depending on the content. Komatsu provides curricula and training materials for basic training courses on products and services, and the local companies (Komatsu subsidiaries or distributors) conduct actual training. We also provide advanced training courses by inviting managers and senior service personnel to Japan, as well as special technical training courses provided by the training centers (mother training centers) which have specialized skills.

Having set up these training environments and assessing the quality of our distributors through small exams sometimes, we have been providing practical training opportunities that bring synergy to sales promotion activities.


“Dubai Training & Demonstration Center” Established in UAE

Aiming at enhancing training functions for distributors in the Middle East and Africa regions, we established “Dubai Training & Demonstration Center” in Dubai, UAE, and started training activities in April 2019.

The newly established training center is situated in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, around 50 kilometers away from the Dubai city area and the International Airport. The center has a site area of approx. 17,000㎡and provides a variety of training required for construction machinery distributors such as sales promotion, parts, services, and machine operations. At the training center, Komatsu certified instructors work, and conduct (1) practical training to develop understanding by seeing and experiencing real machines and equipment, and (2) systematic training globally equivalent in quality. The center not only provides product and technical training for distributors, but also accommodates a wide range of services such as product demonstrations and test operations for customers as sales promotion activities, as well as training for operators.

Currently, Komatsu has 17 training centers in 14 countries. Taking advantage of training know-how cultivated in the other regions, we strongly support the human resource development of distributors in the Middle East and Africa regions, to contribute to further business expansion in the region.

[Overview of Dubai Training & Demonstration Center]

Dubai Training & Demonstration Center
S21313 JAFZA South, Jebel Al Free zone, Dubai, UAE
Grounds area
Main facilities
Workshops, machine demonstration and operation area, actual products, classrooms, observation room, etc.
JPY 1.4 billion
Number of employees
11 persons
  • Note: Dubai Training & Demonstration Center is affiliated with Komatsu Middle East FZE, a Komatsu subsidiary in UAE.
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