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Theme 3 : Growing with Society

Business and Human Rights

Business and Human Rights

Human Right Management Issues

Komatsu signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2008. In an effort to apply its major principles for protecting human rights, Komatsu utilized the help of external experts (BSR, or Business for Social Responsibility) to conduct a human rights risk assessment for all of its construction/mining equipment and forestry machinery businesses worldwide in 2014 and once again in 2017, taking guidance from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the U.N. Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
The human rights risk might not be removed depending on the business, area and contractors, so we will respond flexibly as needed.
In September 2019, we established the Human Rights Policy, declaring that we would respect human rights based on international norms. Based on this policy, we implemented due diligence utilizing external experts regarding Myanmar, which is considered to have potential risks, to understand the problems there. We are providing education to our employees, distributors, and suppliers in the country to ensure they are compliant with the Komatsu Worldwide Code of Business Conduct and Human Rights Policy.

Human Rights Training and Awareness-raising

Recognizing it is important for all employees to correctly understand and adhere to the Human Rights Policy, Komatsu will conduct ongoing activities to raise awareness along with human rights training such as human rights e-learning program.
In addition, we publish the monthly Compliance Newsletter to further contribute to awareness-raising in employees. This newsletter contains articles explaining important legal regulations, highlighting the lessons to be learned from episodes at other companies, and describing comprehensive principles in business today with regards to human rights, prevention of harassment, traffic rules, etc.

Future Human Rights Initiatives

Komatsu has established the CSR Committee on Human Rights, which comprises the President and CEO as well as the heads of relevant divisions and departments (Construction Equipment Marketing Division, Mining Business Division, Production Division, Procurement Division, Human Resources Department, and legal affairs, risk management, compliance and CSR promotion divisions).
This committee will serve as a forum for in-depth understanding of human rights issues.
Going forward, the CSR Committee on Human Rights will endeavor to identify priority issues and lay out clear policies for addressing individual issues. In addition, concrete implementation plans will be established for implementing to these issues in actual business practices.

Corresponding to the Modern Slavery Act (UK)

In response to the "Modern Slavery Act 2015" (a law preventing the system of slavery in the current era) being enacted by the UK in October 2015, Komatsu UK Ltd. revised its “Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for the Financial Year 2015.” disclosed on the web site.Recognizing the possibility of the risk of human rights violation occurring in Komatsu's business operations and its supply chains, this statement reports how such an issue will be properly managed.

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